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Patient Resource Cancer Guides have been provided free of charge to patients, families and caregivers for 15+ years. Shipped directly to people's homes or to health care professionals for distribution, these guides aim to assist in educating and empowering patients from the first moment they hear the words, "you have cancer." Order today and provide resources and support to those who need cancer-fighting information.

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Patient Resource Cancer Guide 15th Edition
Explains staging, treatment options, supportive care, genetic testing and more for several cancer types, along with personal stories, U.S. treatment centers and financial assistance organizations.
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Understanding Clinical Trials 11th Edition
Make clinical trials “less puzzling” with our easy-to-understand safety and financial content, a step-by-step tutorial for searching for trials online and a hopeful story from a blood cancer survivor.
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Acute Myeloid Leukemia First Edition
Details treatment options, clinical trials, side effect management and caregiving guidance. A survivor shares her courageous story, and support resources offer assistance.
Advocacy Connector Cards
Advocacy Connector Patient Information Cards
Introduce patients to AdvocacyConnector.com, an easy search tool that connects them to the most relevant national and state advocacy resources to meet their needs.
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia cover
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Fourth Edition
Offers insights on living with CLL & provides details about diagnosis, staging and treatment options. A survivor shares his story, and patient assistance resources are also included.
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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia First Edition
Introduces potential treatment options and ways to manage this chronic blood cancer through supportive care, follow-up appointments and healthy living. Includes hopeful stories from two survivors.
Understanding Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer 2nd Edition
Explores colon and rectal cancers and treatment options, including clinical trials. Explores genomic & genetic testing and ways to manage side effects. Two survivors share their stories.
Understanding Genomic Testing
Genomic Testing First Edition
Easily explains how this testing is used to help identify mutations to diagnose, treat and track certain cancers. A survivor shares her courageous story, and support resources offer assistance.
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HER2+ Breast Cancer Third Edition
Specific for people with this cancer type. Explains diagnosis, available treatments, side effect management and includes a survivor interview.
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Head & Neck Cancer Fifth Edition
Features laryngeal, throat, oral, thyroid, salivary gland, and sinus & nasal cancers. Includes staging, treatment strategies, side effects, reconstruction options and patient resources.
Leukemia, Lymphoma & Multiple Myeloma cover
Leukemia, Lymphoma & Multiple Myeloma 11th Edition
Defines the types and subtypes of blood cancers. Includes survivor stories, treatment strategies, patient resources and a nationwide directory of bone marrow transplant centers.
Lung Cancer Cover
Lung Cancer Eighth Edition
Published in partnership with GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, this guide inspires hope with treatment options, a survivor who self-advocated and supportive care, financial and advocacy resources.
Melanoma Guide
Melanoma Fifth Edition
Educates readers about available treatment options and how genomic testing, staging and pathology help guide those options. Explores life after cancer and ways to help lower the risk of recurrence.
Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma Sixth Edition
Valuable help for people with multiple myeloma, including information about staging, treatment strategies, potential side effects, follow-up care and an inspiring survivor story.
Myelofibrosis cover
Myelofibrosis First Edition
An in-depth look at this unique blood cancer. Sections include testing, treatments, clinical trials and side effect management. A patient and her husband share their approach to managing this disease.
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Prostate Cancer Third Edition
Learn about prostate cancer and its treatments, including clinical trials. Content about genomic testing and managing side effects is included, along with hopeful stories from a survivor and his wife.
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Surviving: Stories of Hope from Cancer Survivors Fourth Edition
A collection of hopeful, real-life stories from survivors spanning many types and stages of cancer.